Friday, July 29, 2011

A Request

First off, I'd just like to acknowledge the fact that I'm horrible at this blogging thing. When I started blogging, I had really good intentions of posting regularly, and I honestly thought that I'd be good at it. Like, Pioneer Woman good. However, I don't live on a ranch, and I don't know how to herd cattle. I don't have millions of dollars at my disposal, and I can't give away mixers or cameras or gift cards. And I certainly don't take a bazillion pictures when I cook. I just cook, slap the food on a plate, and eat. My life actually looks a lot like this blog. Boring. Uneventful at the moment. Simple. And I'm fine with that. Thankful, even. If anything, blogging has just confirmed what I already knew about myself: I am a private person. It feels awkward for me to post things about myself and our lives in a forum that is so public and easily accessible. Maybe it's too vulnerable for me. I set out to make this blog a sort of journal of our infertility journey. But that journey has been entirely too raw, too difficult at times, too scary, and too private to post the details.

All of that to say, we would love prayer from people out in blogger land. Lots of prayer. We just began a round of fertility treatments. We're on day 3, and we have a long way to go. I'm feeling a whole range of emotions. Scared. Impatient. Excited. You name it. We're starting with this option because it's one of the less aggressive options, as well as a more affordable option (fertility treatments are insanely expensive). Plus, at our age it makes the most sense for us to begin here. We'll go this route for the next few months, and if it doesn't work ("work"= me pregnant), we'll go to the next option. Would you please pray with us and for us that this will work? That these treatments will be successful. That we will conceive a healthy baby and that I will be able to carry to term. That we will be able to afford all of this. That we won't have to even consider "plan B." And, most importantly, that we (mainly I) would give this entire thing to God and trust that His plan is the absolute best. Also, pray for minimal side effects. We would appreciate it more than you know.


  1. i know it has been a long time since we saw each other, but i have been praying for you! thanks for the update...i am sure you are feeling a little overwhelmed! please let me know if there is anything specific that you need! :) hugs from ohio!

  2. I have been praying for YOU specifically since Tuesday... when Bethany and I saw you and Craig from a distance at Target...wasn't sure why, but I couldn't get you off my mind... now I know why! Praise the Lord for the Holy Spirit! Will continue to pray for you both.

  3. I will definitely be praying for you!! Love you Leash! :)