Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mama!

Today is my mom's birthday. She's an amazing mom, truly amazing, and she's mine! Although, I do occasionally share her with my sister. My mom is the strongest person I know, a fact that has been reinforced over the last 7 months. She's also the least selfish person I know. She knows me inside and out, and I love the fact that she understands me so well. If anyone deserves a wonderful birthday, it's my mom, and I hope that she truly does have a wonderful day!

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  1. Oh Alicia, I wish I could meet you in person. I got to your blog through Lyndsei's blog.
    Your prayer request got my attention, because my mom is undergoing chemo too and I had two miscarriages this year.

    I am praying for you, your husband and your mom.

    Ah.... my name is Fabiola and I am from Brazil. Nice to meet you.

    Say Happy (belated) birthday to your mom. Tell her I send a big virtual hug from Brazil ; )